Lloyd Gee
Natural Health Consultant

Herbal Medicine
Asyra Bioenergetics

If you are looking to improve your health, increase your vitality, cope better with stress and whatever else is affecting your health, then use one of the best and most comprehensive approaches to natural health. 

My approach can be useful for anyone whether they have debilitating illness, are feeling a bit under par, need help coping with stress or just want to get back on track. I use the most advanced Asyra bioenergetic equipment to carry out a series of tests and provide nutritional information on the best foods that will suit your body. 
About me
I have been practicing since 2003 after qualifying as a medical herbalist and naturopath at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I am passionate about the power of herbs together with a person's own healing powers to support health. That is why I have chosen to practice herbal medicine and naturopathy.  I have also made a considerable investment in the Asyra equipment so that I can also treat at an energetic level (homeopathic) as well as find out more of what is affecting the body.  My approach is to look at imbalances in the whole body as well as targeting any specific illness or symptoms. With herbs, I use aspects of Chinese herbalism (TCM) as well as Western herbal practice. This means that I can combine the evidence-based and traditional Western approaches with the more energetic Eastern approaches which gives the best of both worlds.

I am Vice-president of the herbal professional association - Unified Register of herbal Practitioners and a Director of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicines Professional Association.
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