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Asyra Pro - Bio-energetic Medicine

Asyra screening gives remarkable insights into the hidden aspects of health issues and your completely individual path to healing.

The Asyra Pro indicates the energetic state of internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response and much more. It then tests thousands of substances and energies to work out what will correct imbalances in the body. You will then get the combined healing power of these in a bottle as a homeopathic type remedy. Laser healing is also available.


Energised Jewellery

See below for something totally unique.
Bio-energetic Medicine brings together advanced electronic and computer technology and the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. So like both traditional homeopathy and acupuncture, Asyra remedies make vibrational changes to the body's energy state, but with the aid of this technology, the effects can be deeper and more profound. 

Many chronic illnesses and allergies are poorly understood in conventional medicine and bio-energetic or vibrational medicine offers a different explanation of disease processes and why they are often so difficult to treat conventionally. 

The process is fast, non-invasive, painless and provides immediate results on the tests. You can more information about how the Asyra works including some very positive University-led clinical trials for allergy sensitivity at www.asyra.com .
Energised Jewellery
A unique collection
I have teamed up with artist/designer, Meena Thakor who is producing a range of beautiful handmade pendants and other gems that can be imprinted with any of the healing energies stored in the Asyra. The Asyra imprints frequencies by vibrational transfer that are held within the crystaline structure of the gemstones. So as you wear the jewellery, you are receiving these added healing energies. 

There are some energy blends that can be selected such as Relaxed, Loving, Fertility and Vitality blends. These have a combination of Bach and Australian Bush flower remedies together with other homeopathic energies. I can also put on your own unique blend if you have a consultation.
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