Lloyd Gee, Natural Health Practice
I have clinics in a choice of locations in North London and Cheltenham. I can also do home visits.

Shine Holistic 52 Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 0NB. Usually Tuesday afternoon/evening.
020 7241 5033 

Wood Green/Tottenham Clinic
020 8881 9888
This practice is five minutes walk from Turnpike Lane underground station. Click here for a map showing the walking route.

Cheltenham - Tree of Life Centre
Lower Court, Staverton, Gloucestershire, GL51 0TW.
Tel 01242 680450

Located near Cheltenham in the village of Staverton, this centre is a beautiful and peaceful place to practice. Close to M5 and easy parking.

I can also do home or office visits pending locality. Consultation prices for home visits are sometimes the same as clinics prices if not much travel is needed or more than one person books.
Shine Holistic - Stoke Newington

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Treatment Costs
These vary according to location.
First appointment is 90 minutes and includes full Asyra, naturopathy and herbal consultation. Wood Green and Cheltenham are £75 and Shine is £85.

Follow-up appointments (60 minutes) are £60 at Wood Green and Cheltenham; £65 at Shine.

In special circumstances a reduced rate may be given. If a shorter consultation is needed for a child or for a simple illness, the consultation will cost less.

Herbs generally cost £8 a week for a combined adult liquid tincture formula pending what herbs and concentrations are used. A child will be given a smaller dose according to their age so the herbs will cost less.