Lloyd Gee, Natural Health Practice

In my practice I combine the principles of Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and elements of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Over the years I have developed ways of working with patients and the plants that can heal them. It is essential to understand why a patient has become ill in the first place and I will always aim to treat the underlying root cause of illness rather than just treating the illness itself.

The first consultation is a relaxed, but in depth, discussion of 90 minutes. We cover past medical history, the timeline and symptoms of the current health imbalance, diet and lifestyle as well as other factors such as stress levels and constitutional tendencies.

I use the Asyra equipment to test various systems in the body and give more information as to what underlying factors may be causing health issues. I will take your pulse and look at your tongue as these processes give further information according to Chinese Medicine. I also use western examination techniques such as blood pressure measurement where necessary. 

I then create a sophisticated tailor-made herbal prescription which takes into account your unique constitutional circumstances as well as disease processes that need to be addressed. Sometimes the prescription will be made up there and then or it may be made up and sent afterwards.
A holistic treatment plan is agreed and I write up and sent the main point of this, with other advice as well as the Asyra reports in an email.

The session ends with either the Asyra laser pen which transmits combined frequencies which your body has chosen in the Asyra testing, or I use a singing bowl imprinted with the same Asyra frequencies.

Before a first consultation it is useful if you can complete a short Questionaire (pdf) or Questionaire (Word doc) and a Health-Screen (pdf) or Health-Screen (Word doc) form and email it back to info@lloydgee.co.uk

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